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Lydia Ladah

Current position:
Associate Professor/Research Scientist
Project Leader, Interdisciplinary Coastal Ecology (I.C.E) Team
Principal Investigator, AMELIS (CONACyT Young Researcher Award)
Executive Scientist, IAI-EPCOR offices, CICESE

Current contacts:
Dept. of Biological Oceanography
P.O. Box 434844
San Diego, CA 92143-4844
(above address for mail from USA)

from USA, dial 011-52-#
(646)1747893 (home)
(646)1750500 ext 24279 (office)
(646)1750545 (fax)
702-336-2344 (mobile, USA and Mex)

address in Mexico:
CICESE, Dpto. Oceanog. Biol.
Apdo Postal # 2732
Ensenada, Baja California
Mexico CP 22800

permanent address in USA:
8807 Big Bluff Ave.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89148 USA