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Fonseca VG, Lago-Lestón A, Laizé V, Cancela ML (2005). Rapid Identification Of Differentially Expressed Genes By In Situ Screening Of Bacteria. Molecular Biotechnology 30(2):163-166.

Recent comunications

Comparative gene expression during desiccation stress in populations of an intertidal brown alga (2005)M.A. Lago-Lestón, E. A. Serrão Lena Kautsky ,G. A. Pearson. Oral presentation at the 8th International Phycological Congress. August 13-19, Durban, South Africa

Desiccation-Responsive Gene Expression In An Intertidal Brown Alga (Heterokontophyta): -Population-Level Expression Patterns And Sequence Variation (2005)A. Lago-Leston, E. Serrao, G. Pearson. Poster presentation. XVII International Botanical Congress. July 17 – 23, Vienna, Austria.

Comparative Gene Expression During Stress In Co-Existing, Ecologically Similar Algal Species. (2004) Lago-Lestón M.A., Serrão E.A., Pearson G.A. Poster presentation at the Congresso Nacional de Bioquímica. December, 2-4, Vilamoura, Portugal.

The molecular basis for differential stress-tolerance in co-existing, ecologically similar algal species. M.A. Lago-Lestón , E. A. Serrão and G. A. Pearson . Oral presentation in “XVIII International Seaweed Symposium”. June 20-25, 2004, Bergen , Norway

Differential gene expression and population divergence in stress responses of intertidal brown seaweeds. M.A. Lago-Lestón, E. Serrão, and G: Pearson . Oral presentation in "The 33rd Annual Marine Benthic Ecology Meeting”. March 25-28, 2004, Mobile , Alabama , USA

Suppression-subtractive hybridization and two-step differential screening to study stress responses and local adaptation of intertidal brown seaweed populations. M.A. Lago-Lestón, O. Martínez de Ilarduya, E. A. Serrão, and G. A. Pearson. Oral presentation in “Third European Phycologycal Congress”. July 21-26, 2003. Belfast , UK .

Suppression-subtractive hybridization and two-step differential screening to study population differentiation in the desiccation response of intertidial brown seaweeds. M. A. Lago-Leston , E. A. Serrao, G. A. Pearson. Poster presentation at the “VII International Congress of Plant Molecular Biology”. June 23-28, 2003. Barcelona , Spain