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Tânia Aires
Honours (Licenciatura) in Biology
PhD Student

Faculdade de Ciencias do Mar e Ambiente (F.C.M.A.)
Universidade do Algarve
Campus de Gambelas
P-8005-139 Faro, Portugal

Tel : (351) 289 800 900 ext: 7263
Fax: (351) 289 800 069


Honours (Licenciatura) in Biology
Universidade de Évora, Portugal 2004.

Research Experience

2003-2004- Participation, as ungraduated student in the project "Borreliose de Lyme em Portugal. Estudo dos agentes, vectores e risco(s) de transmissão" in the framework of a FCT PhD fellowship (BD/996/2000).
2004-2005 Research technician in the project: "Experimental evolution and the genetic basis of adaptation: analysis of candidate genes during reverse evolution (POCTI/BSE/48228/2002)" At Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência (IGC), Project supervisor: Doutor Henrique Teotónio.
Since January 2006 Research technician in the project: "Genetic Networks and Evolution: from individuals to populations (POCI/MAR/57342/2004)” and "Neutral and non-neutral genes: population diversity and stability (POCI/MAR/60179/2004)” at Centro de Ciências do Mar - Algarve (CCMar), Project supervisor: Doutora Sophie Arnaud-Haond.

Baptista S., Quaresma A., Aires T., Kurtenbach K., Santos-Reis M., Nicholson M., Collares-Pereira M. 2004. Lyme Borreliosis spirochetes in questing ticks from mainland Portugal. International Journal of Medical Microbiology. 293(37): 109-116.